Octavia (1996), Octavia Tour (2004)


Octavia was not born in 1996. In 1959 a small, front engine family car of Škoda got the name of Octavia. Just because it was the 8th model of Škoda Auto and the latin word 'octavus' means 'the 8th'.
The first concept car was made in 1992.
When Škoda launched its first, newly designed model after the fusion with VW group in 1996, the new car got the name of a previous, successful model.

Octavia got known as a reliable, massive car. This is the first Škoda model that achieved the 1 million production number. Octavia helped Škoda to improve its image and change the judgment of the brand.
The success of the Octavia put Škoda back on the course of growth.

The Octavia got a facelift in model year 2001 (started in August, 2000), but this brought only minor changes.

Combi, 4x4, luxury equipped Laurin & Klement, sporty Octavia RS (at the time of the facelift) versions were made.

A special, "WRC Edition" model was made out of Octavia RS.

A unique, 80 cm longer Laurin & Klement was also made for the Czech Government (before the Superb was launched) and a specially armored version was built too.

The car is a huge success, it's still in production in 2009. When the second generation arrived in 2004, Octavia was renamed to Octavia Tour, referring to the fact that Škoda Auto became the sponsor of Tour de France in that year.

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