Octavia 2 vs. other cars

Octavia 2 comparison with other cars:

I finally had the opportunity to touch and feel the new Škoda Yeti at the dealer. On the way home I was thinking about the experience and got an idea: I will make a comparison!
A page with my opinion about how the Octavia 2 feels vs. other cars I test drove.
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Škoda Yeti
Yeti 2.0 CR-TDI
Yeti 1.2 TSI
O2 1.4 TSI
O2 1.6 CR TDI


Octavia 2 vs. Škoda Yeti

Škoda Yeti (source: Škoda Auto) Škoda Yeti (source: Škoda Auto) Škoda Yeti (source: Škoda Auto)

It was not a test car, just a display car, so I could not drive it.

It's an Elegance level, but I found far too much of hard plastic. On Octavia 2 the upper part of the door trim is soft. It breaks under heavy elbows (see Octavia 2 faults), but it will not happen on Yeti. Still, it's not the best way to avoid such warranty problems.
I found some textile on the door trim at the door handle, but it's on a hard plastic, just like on Fabia 1. The door handle itself is covered with soft leather, with some foam under it. But it's an Elegance level, so I can only hope, that the textile on lower equipment levels also has some foam underneath.
Gear shift lever is too low, the capacity of center armrest box equals to O2: little.
I like the dashboard and center console, although, it's made from hard plastic and feels uncomfortable to my knee. On Octavia 2 it's soft plastic, like the whole dashboard.
Stalk switches come from O2, I like them better, than the new design of Roomster and Fabia 2 pieces. I think they're more comfortable to use too. The dark, plastic corner-like part between the rear windscreen and rear doors is not in level with the side windows. Front door hinges seem to be very narrow. Are the doors so lightweight?
Rear door opening is somehow narrow, it was hard to get in. The rear door's lower curve is part of the rear wing. The door seal is the only thing that insulates the cabin from the noise and wet. Hm...
Rear seats are narrow. I must put my elbow onto the door handle, or put my arm on it and grab the handle, since there's no place to put my arm.
Head space for rear passengers is comfortable, it's no question.

Lumbar support on front seats is not a big deal. It can be set by the same way as at Superb 2, with a small lever. Octavia 2 has a much better with wider working range.
Driver's seat height can be set to an unnecessary high level. My head was 1 cm below the roof, I could almost put my head out of the roof window and the windscreen's upper edge was in level with my eyes.
Surprisingly, the clutch seems to be working on a shorter distance than on Octavia 2 and other VAG cars. I wonder how it will work while driving!
Basically, I like it. It's the first Škoda since Octavia 2, at which I don't have to make compromise on design and look, and think of other advantages to compensate design imperfections. Like: Fabia 2, Roomster, Superb 2 (because of its rear).

It's annoying that the full-sized spare wheel takes space from the trunk, although it's in the usual pit.

I drove it on a side-road with the usual potholes and patches. It runs as an Octavia 2, stable in curves, it's comfortable but not soft in the front seats but it's jerky and uncomfortable at the rear. At 30-35 mph (50-60 km/h) a whizz comes from the side mirror (at Octavia 2 it comes only at 50-60 mph or 80-100 km/h). The low position of the gear-lever is not such a big problem, especially that it works smoothly.
The 2.0 103 kW (140 PS) CR-TDI engine is really silent and powerful. Not like the 1.6 77 kW (105 PS) CR-TDI engine in Octavia 2, it can be used in 4th gear at 30 mph (50 km/h), it's able to accelerate if needed.

Summarized: despite of the high clearance the running gear is stable, it's even comfortable at the front. It feels good driving the car, the high seating position is an advantage. The space on the front seats is enough, but it's narrow at the rear when all the 3 seats are installed. If the middle rear seat is removed and the two side seats pulled closer to each other, the space you gain is satisfying, but not so much to compensate the jerky rear running gear. The trunk with a spare wheel is not too big. It's less comfortable and practical than the Octavia. I wonder, how the 1.2 77 kW (105 PS) TSI engine deals with the Yeti!?
Choose Octavia 2 for family car instead!

Octavia 2 1.6 vs. Yeti 2.0 CR-TDI

Eventually I could test drive the Yeti above. The 2.0 CR-TDI engine runs really well, just as I expected. Perfect choice for the Yeti. Silent, dynamic, fast. I recommend it, although it's very expensive.

Octavia 2 1.6 vs. Yeti 1.2 TSI

The difference to the experiences above is only the engine. I must say it provides the same power in the Yeti body as the 1.6 8V petrol engine in the Octavia 2 body! It's really good. Right until You reach 80 mph (130 km/h) real speed (about 87 mph or 140 km/h on the clock). At that moment it stops accelerating even in 5th gear (it's equipped with 6-gear transmission). It looses power. I must say it suits the drivers who'd buy the Octavia 2 with 1.4 non-turbocharged engine.

Octavia 2 1.6 vs. O2 1.4 TSI

Not much more silent than the 1.6 8V engine. Very strong in 2nd and 3rd gear, it runs well in 4th. When driving on major roads in 5th or 6th gear, you'll have to switch back to 4th to overtake dynamically. It goes at least as well as the 1.6 8V, I hope, even better. The 3 mile (5 km) test route was not enough to experience the real profile of this engine. I'd buy it without any hesitation, if long-term tests say, the engine is durable. I like it. I wonder, how the 1.2 TSI engine will move the Octavia 2 body! I'm afraid, it'll have hard moments.

Octavia 2 1.6 vs. O2 1.6 CR TDI

The engine warms up rather slowly, even at 23-24 Celsius outside temperature. At urban speed limit (50 km/h) the engine can not take the 4th gear, because revolution is under 1500 1/min. and it wakes up rather slowly. It's funny to cruise in the city in 3rd gear with a diesel engine! The engine is silent enough. It feels weaker than the 1.9 PD-TDI unit. In my opinion is, it's weaker than the 1.6 8V petrol engine. This engine is designed for long journeys on main roads, I suppose, with extremely low fuel consumption. It does not feel dynamic at all and the price gap between this and the petrol engines are rather high. The clutch is set to connect the wheels and the engine immediately, as you start to release the pedal - not like the cars with petrol engines. Maybe, just for the reason to feel the car more dynamic?

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