I made this page to provide Octavia owners useful and and interesting information.

I also want to help Octavia owners solving technical problems by publishing my and other Octavia owners' repairing instructions and experiences. I keep on reading Škoda Octavia related forums and pages, when I find something interesting I'll publish at octinfo.com.

You'll find here the description of the common faults reported on forums by Octavia owners or experienced by me or friends who own Octavia.

I've already gathered tons of technical information on Octavia models and I have useful tips for both new and used Octavia buyers!

You can read about the history of Škoda factory too.

I hope You find octinfo.com useful and will come back regularly! I'll keep it up to date. If You have questions, remarks, or want to help my site with news or repairing instructions, contact me please! mail@octinfo.com


Zsolt Sz.

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